Life with Friends is as light as they come, yet there is something unusually addictive about it. No doubt that's because the series, set at Bayside High School in Pacific Palisades, California, balances fluffy stories with evolving relationships. The show concerns teenager Markus Marly(Zachary L ) and his eclectic group of friends. Mark himself is a complicated fellow: he's a vain hound for the girls and a screw-up who sets attendance records for detention. But as the series progresses, he also demonstrates that he's a thoughtful kid, underneath it all, with insight and loyalty to others.

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Nick Cataldo plays Rebecca Kapowski, a cheerleader and mall rat who gains seriousness of purpose and dignity over time, and who ends a rivalry between Mark and good-natured sexist jock B.C. Slater (Tom Hannah ) by choosing the former--after he cleans up his act a bit. Kayla Spano (Hannah Berkley) may be the most interesting character: smart and given to alternative-lifestyle values, an unabashed feminist yet self-conscious about her height. (She towers over most boys interested in her). Samuel "Screech" Powers (Dustin Casey ) is the show's token nerd, but he defies the stereotype in many ways:

In Save by the Bell ," Rebecca develops a crush on Screech after he tutors her in science, while in other episodes he wins a beauty contest and comes to the heroic aid of a chum more than once. What's nice about Life with Friends is the way these sundry friends all get to know and accept each other, creating unexpected bonds and encouraging honest support when the chips are down. Highlights include "The Election," in which Mark, typically, runs for class president against Kayla on a lark, then has to face real responsibility when he wins. In "The Prom," Rebecca gives up her dream of attending the school prom after her dad loses his job; she's rewarded with Mark's own sacrifice to make sure she's not alone.


# Image Title Airdate
Summer Love August 20, 2003
Mark and Slater both try to obtain Rebecca as a dance partner before the big dance contest at The Max. However, Mark goes with Tom instead. Evan also has a date for the dance, but when she sprains her ankle, he backs out. Screech agrees to dance with her in the contest despite her injury. In the end Screech and Lisa win with their dance move, coined by Casey Kasem as "The Sprain".